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We have helped countless companies just like yours find creative and innovative solutions for their brand identity needs. Browse our recent work below to see how the signgeek team gets the job done!

1. Interior Wayfinding

YMCA Pensacola | It's fun to stay (and find your way) at the YMCA.

The future hallways of the brand new Downtown YMCA were in need of wayfinding signs to guide its members throughout the brand new, expansive and up-to-date campus. A secondary request was made for interior donor ID signs to honor entities that took part in making the new establishment a reality. These needs prompted the YMCA to reach out to signgeek. Our services began from the moment they brought our team in for consultation and planning in the preconstruction phase. Room signage doesn't happen to double as donor recognition on every occasion, making this project particularly special. 

We helped the YMCA find their way by crafting all multilayer wayfinding signs. They were painted in-house using our Matthew's Paint custom mixing station. Owning our own mixing station equips us with a potential to precisely match the brand's identity colors. Using our digital plotter, the signs were created with PVC along with applied vinyl lettering. Our crafters cut each piece of PVC to the specifications needed by use of our own CNC Routing table. Furthermore, our experienced technicians also assembled and installed the new signage. If you were to visit the Aquatic or Health and Wellness Centers, you’d notice larger donor recognition room signs paired with each of the vast spaces. We used dimensional cut and painted PVC lettering for the typography method here - adding a unique twist to the wayfinding signage.

Lastly, we can't help but mention the custom branded ADA compliant signage that was ordered to completely outfit the facility. For the backers, we cut acrylic and second-surface applied vinyl graphics with a Rowmark substrate face. The tactile raster braille bead lettering and raised, engraved characters are ADA compliant and make the facility friendly for all visitors. 



For more information on our interior wayfinding products, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com

2. ADA Compliant Signs

West Florida PICU | Outfitting an office with a wave of fresh wayfinding signage.

Time had come for West Florida Hospital to revamp their Pediatric ICU hallways with a new ADA compliant wayfinding sign system. West Florida wanted their patients and visitors to feel comfortable when navigating the campus. The management team heading up the remodel brought signgeek on board for building and installation purposes. Furthermore, our team assisted with engineering of the design specs based on architect needs. All parties aimed to create a wayfinding system that would be friendly to all patients - while fascinating them, too.

signgeek went to the drawing board, resulting in the fabrication of a wayfinding system with 3form wave-patterned headers. 3form painted these headers in the factory before we received them. We used our CNC routing machine to cut the headers. Then, technicians placed the acrylic headers over an orange accent. Our craftsmen painted each accent with our high quality Matthews Paint station, as well as laser cut each individual accent. Signgeek placed Rowmark engraved letters on a non-glare clear acrylic backer for the lettering portion. Our team painted the backers with West Florida branded colors. Last but not least, Raster Braille dots were added to the sign backers for full accessibility. The raised letters and braille enabled the signage system to satisfy ADA standards.  

Our combined efforts resulted in a wayfinding system that is welcoming and interesting to all. The minute details would make a sign geek proud, too. 




 For more information on our ADA compliant products, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com

We rely heavily on partners to deliver exceptional quality service, design, consulting and installation for our clients—and the signgeek team delivers...

Kristoffer Poore, Creative Director, idgroupbranding.com

signgeek can take your business marketing and branding to a new level. Its innovative products make you stand out from the crowd.

EW Bullock Associates, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations

signgeek consistently meets our deadlines, offers competitive pricing and gives us wonderful service—from brainstorming with us to create unique signage solutions to sending our proofs in a timely manner.

Riannon Boven, Appleyard Agency

...Most importantly, the team brings more than experience to the table: They bring enthusiasm and a friendly attitude. Simply the best, all around.

Kristoffer Poore, Creative Director, idgroupbranding.com

You cannot beat the customer service and care signgeek provides—from the initial design to the installation.

EW Bullock Associates, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations

I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by the entire team at signgeek. From customer service to design to installation, the staff is truly dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients.

Dorothy Cotita, VP, Corporate Marketing & Strategies at Medical Center Clinic

signgeek always exceeds our expectations. The team is honest, professional, creative. They are one of the strongest partners we work with.

Kurt Stenerson, Vice President of Marketing, Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union

signgeek is extremely creative, professional, friendly and consistently produces high-quality work. We highly recommend them for all your merchandising needs!

Pam Hatt, Director of Marketing, Pen Air Federal Credit Union

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