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We have helped countless companies just like yours find creative and innovative solutions for their brand identity needs. Browse our recent work below to see how the signgeek team gets the job done!

1. Dimensional Letter Signage

Azure Dental | Outfitting a new dental office with bright dimensional monument signage.

Azure Dental was moving in to their own space. The brand new building would be filled with only Azure offices - a big milestone for the brand. The building had no signage, so they enlisted signgeek to help identify their new home.

Placing a brand identity monument sign by the road ensures patients and other travelers are able to clearly spot the new location. We designed and fabricated custom dimensional letters for the monument signage. Our CNC Lead routed PVC material for the Azure logo and name. PVC is a durable plastic that will give the sign lettering longevity in the midst of outdoor elements. Our pro team painted the letters in-house by way of our professional Matthews Paint mixing station. Having a paint station in the workshop allows us to precisely match brand identity colors. For a sophisticated feel, our design team decided on placing brushed aluminum composite over the painted letters. 

Furthermore, our technicians placed two PVC name plates underneath the brand logo and name on the monument signage. We CNC routed these long shapes, as well. Our team opted for vinyl lettering on the name plates. 

Additionally, we helped connect people to place with interior letter signage in the office lobby. This dimensional work mirrored the logo and lettering from the monument signage, creating brand continuity for Azure from the building exterior to interior. The brushed sign letters will be sure to help their brand shine as bright as their patrons smiles. 


For more information on our branded signage, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com.

2. Acrylic Multilayer Room Signage

University of West Florida | Brand continuity for a prestigious collegiate athletics program.

The University of West Florida has a very successful and spirited athletics program. The Athletics Booster Club wanted a high-quality sign for their conference room that would showcase the high-quality sports offered at the institution. An architectural sign was the solution to brand and animate the meeting room wall space. Our signgeek team has partnered with UWF for previous custom sign projects, making signgeek a great fit to be the manufacturer for this display. 

This multi layer centerpiece is a conglomeration of signage elements. We first laser cut multiple layers of acrylic logos and icons. Our team constructed the 3D display with multiple layers of 2nd-surface painted acrylic panels featuring applied graphics on the face layer. Our pro painter coated all painted elements with our in-house high-quality Matthews Paint Co. architectural sign paints. 



For more information on our branded signage, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com.

3. Dimensional Architectural Signage

Arc Gateway Cafe | Enabling a company logo to stand out to patrons.

The Arc Gateway Cafe needed signage to fill their brand new cafe space in the Studer Community Institute building, located in downtown Pensacola. They reached out to signgeek for a sign that would stand out to their guests. The signgeek team CNC routed a custom multilayer PVC sign with applied laser cut acrylic lettering. We used our very own Matthews Paint System for a smooth color on all letters and panels. Matthews Paint has been providing premiere sign paints for decades and we are proud to use their products on our signage projects. Additional signage for Arc Gateway Cafe included a hanging canvas print opposite the dimensional signage. We crafted this signage on a Canvas FoamCore material. The full color printed canvas was illustrated with UV digital inks. We gave the custom cut print folded gallery style returns. The dimensional centerpiece meshes well with the canvas signage to ensure a warm welcome alongside a warm cup of Joe. 

4. Brand Identity Signage

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo | Take a walk on the wild sign with a custom safari-inspired sign.

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is building a brand new location from start to finish. This rarely happens in the United States with zoos. The expansion comes at no surprise, as they are one of the top performing zoos in Alabama. The brand wanted to help connect people with wildlife; the cafe signage design proposed to signgeek served as a great example. Our team was glad to take part in the process of creating meaningful experiences with nature for their guests.  

The goal was to create something visually pleasing while connecting the viewer to nature. We fired up the CNC machine to route a rhombus shape for the border. Next, our designer printed a bamboo pattern for border with high-quality 3m materials vinyl. The "Dine Green" message was also printed on the same top notch vinyl. The signgeek team printed all graphics on our HP latex 560 wide format printer. Our craftsman gave the CNC machine additional TLC when routing the dimensional letters and shape for the sign front. 12mm PVC was the material of choice for the border, letters, and shapes.

This project was an intriguing combination of elements ranging from print to dimensional aspects. We are happy we could take a part of bringing their safari to life. 




For more information on our branded signage, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com.

5. Architectural Identity Signage

Speck Endodontics | Identifying a new office location with standout multi layered signage.

The team at Speck Endodontics moved into a new office space and needed signage to identify their latest location. They reached out to the pros at signgeek for the design, art layout, production and installation of their fresh identity signage. signgeek developed a pair of dimensional signs that would be sure to catch their patients' eye. We CNC routed the multilayer signs out of a PVC material for durability, as the signs are for exterior use. Additionally, we laser cut acrylic for the lettering and accents. Fellow signgeek team members applied the dimensional letters and accents to the sign faces in conjunction with printed graphics. Next, we used our Matthews Paint System for bright and vivid colors to ensure the pair of architectural signs stood out both physically and visually. Our quality assurance team conducted a final inspection to make sure all corners, edges and letters were smooth and ready to go. 

6. Exterior Architectural Signage

Lofts at Alcaniz | These informational and utility signs for The Lofts at Alcaniz prove that a sign with a basic job can look anything but basic.

The Lofts at Alcaniz, a mixed-use commercial and residential development in historic downtown Pensacola, approached signgeek for a signage solution after experiencing an on-going hassle of illegal, non-tenant parking on their property.

We designed, manufactured and installed a full set of eye-catching, historically inspired architectural signs that designated no parking zones as well as tow-away zones. Further signs clearly identified tenant parking and inner complex areas. Throughout the process, special attention was made to ensure clear readability and consistency with the property’s classy brand look and the neighborhood’s historic charm for an effective, yet beautiful visual solution. 

The client reported an immediate reduction in parking-related troublemakers and an overall positive response to the signs throughout the property.



For more information on our exterior signage products, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com

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