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We have helped countless companies just like yours find creative and innovative solutions for their brand identity needs. Browse our recent work below to see how the signgeek team gets the job done!

1. Employee of the Month Display

Grant Memorial Hospital | Acknowledging top-performing team members with a display that pops.

Grant Memorial Hospital reached out to signgeek to help recognize their hardworking employees. signgeek designed and built a custom recognition wall display for Grant Memorial. Our designers wanted to incorporate brand elements into the project, ensuring it flowed well within the branded environment. We created the one-and-a-half inch backer using blue and brushed aluminum laminate. Our laser technician cut acrylic for the large logo and lettering on the header. The photo holders have a painted back plate with the monthly award noted in brand colors. Speaking of paint, our pro painter coated all painted signage elements with none other than our high-quality Matthews Paint System mixing station. Due to the wall installation environment, we opted for a double french cleat system to hang the display. 

Services Provided:

- Laser Cut Letters and Logos

- Full Fabrication and Assembly

- Matthews Painting system

- CNC Machining 

- Graphic Design



For more information on our display system products, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com

2. Donor Recognition Wall and Room Signage

Manna Food Pantries | Recognizing key donors and displaying company history.

Shortly after moving into their new home, Manna Food Pantries - an independent food pantry with 5,000 volunteers that provides groceries to over 13,500 individuals in need -  approached signgeek with a project intended to capture their rich company history and acknowledge crucial donors. Manna brought in multiple teams to aid in executing their project vision.  Red Iron Design House was brought in for the design aspects. They designed a history donor wall display as the medium for carrying out Manna's vision. signgeek engineered and assisted with the layout of this design. We also manufactured the final product. A tight timeline confronted both teams, spurring us to quickly began work on making this dream a reality. 

signgeek fulfilled these goals by custom building an acrylic, multi-layered history donor wall. We laser cut all of the letters and manufactured all signs in-house. Our experienced craftsmen first laser cut quarter-inch clear acrylic, followed by a first-surface application of matte and gloss overlays. Each individual photographic panel, which received a matte overlay, represented the Manna clientele. In the meantime we gave the donor and history panels a gloss finish, painting them to pair with their newly revised brand logo colors. We matched their brand identity colors across the board by the use of our Matthews Paint mixing station. Our technicians then installed the display panels to the wall via a three quarter-inch aluminum standoff system.



For more information on our display system products, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com


3. Employee Recognition Wall

Bonner Springs Police Department

Bonner Springs Police Department reached out to signgeek requesting an employee recognition wall to honor their hard working team members. They wanted the wall display to showcase the entire Police Department while offering additional room for future colleagues. Our signgeek team took their recognition goals to heart and designed, built and shipped a fully custom employee photo wall for the department. The fabrication process included laser cutting dimensional letters and logo to be placed atop a brushed metal backer.Our painter accurately matched brand colors by way of our Matthews Paint System. The recognition board was finished off with the application of 40 easily changeable photo frames for the potential expansion of their force. We carefully packed the large photo wall and shipped it to the police department upon completion. In the end, signgeek provided Bonner Springs with a beautiful office centerpiece that honors staff and displays their brand identity. 



For more information on our display system products, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com

4. Company Values Wall

Pen Air Credit Union | A company rebranding yields opportunity for displaying company values.

Pen Air Credit Union approached us regarding the design, manufacturing and installment of a multilayer display system that would be the focal point of their new Airport Location. An additional request was having panels they could change once a quarter.  They wanted to incorporate their core values along with a customer review and testimonial. We designed an overlapping custom acrylic display with multiple layers. Due to the high amount of wall penetrations involved, we needed to be conscientious in our arrangement and drilling for the initial hardware. Each layer would need to line up perfectly to keep the overall panel alignment correct.

 We started by second-surface printing each graphic.  Our technicians used Visual Magnetic’s Invisilok system, allowing us to easily print replacement changeouts for the testimonial sections. These particular changeouts won’t require us to take apart the display during future changes. Invisilok’s system allows for three different areas of information and testimonials to be changed out by customers with ease. Additionally, our craftsmen laser cut acrylic letters for the dimensional lettering. This lettering functions as a headline, exhibiting each company value along with a brief summary of each value in white vinyl lettering. A laser cut acrylic logo icon and header function as the focal point. Our technicians attached all layers to the wall via aluminum standoffs and caps.  



For more information on our display system products, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com


5. Donor Display Signage

University of West Florida | Appreciating a longtime donor with a brilliant brushed signage display.

The University of West Florida requested a contemporary and unique donor display to honor Hal Marcus. This display signage would correspond with current interior and brand designs guidelines within the college. The donor sign was produced by direct printing to a brushed aluminum laminate with a unique grayscale image. We then coated the printed panel with a protective coating to ensure durability.  Using our laser cutter, our team then cut dimensional acrylic lettering and logos for application to the panel. The sign was then bonded to a cast acrylic base plate with a second surface etched layer. The lettering and logos were painted with our custom Matthews Paint System to ensure a smooth durable finish that could be accurately matched to the UWF brand colors. After completion, our experienced installation technicians placed the donor display in a designated position for large exposure to students and faculty alike.

Services Provided:

- Direct Printing to Brushed Aluminum

- CNC Routed Letters and Logos

- Professional Coating Process 

- Matthews Painting system

- Professional Installation 

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6. Company History Wall

National Standard Parts Associates, Inc. | Remembering company history through a unique wall display.

National Standard Parts Associates, Inc (NSPA) is a key player in the electrical industry, manufacturing products comparable to 3M and Raychem. They found a need in the industry decades ago and began working on a proprietary solution. Years later, they are one of the leading producers of sealed connectors and materials, and have even formed a system known as the Sealed Electrical System. NSPA wanted to build a memento that would capture their humble beginnings and successful innovations. Lori Rose Designs created an excellent display design. signgeek was enlisted for help in bringing the idea to life. 

Our CNC lead routed the numbers and dots for the dates. Next, he passed them along to our pro painter to give them a smooth coat with our in-house Matthews Paint Station. We printed the vinyl wall letters using high-quality 3M materials for durability. These letters describe what took place at each point in the company's history. This project was unique in that it was a mixture of plaques and dimensional characters alongside printed vinyl lettering. Our professional team of experienced installation techs assembled the historical timeline wall with the elements stated. The result is a display that draws interest and showcases company history. 



For more information on our display system products, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com


7. Military Leadership Recognition Board

Lejeune Naval Hospital Center | Recognizing leaders with a custom-built wall display.

After attending a signgeek display unveiling at a fellow military base, Base Camp Lejeune out of North Carolina contacted us regarding the fabrication of a custom project of their own. They wished to construct a recognition board that would pay homage to the fraternity of commanding officers consistently serving on the Marine Corps base. 

We constructed the board by placing a brushed aluminum composite backer on the base. Our craftsman lined CNC routed dimensional letters on the top section of the display. We painted said letters with custom colors in our Matthews Paint Station. Fifteen name plates mounted on an MBS standoff system populate the board. Our technicians spelt out the officer names via vinyl lettering. Between the standoffs, silver lettering paint color and aluminum backer, this bright display will be sure to garner the looks of visitors. 



For more information on our display system products, please contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or sales@signgeek.com


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